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Separate service, details are negotiated with the client.

Cost: from 150 EUR - includes 2-3 angles per room.

Prices may vary, depending on the complexity of the task. 

Terms:  7-14 days

*When ordering a complete design project is included.



Package 1.

At this stage, you will get a choice of 2-3 options for comfortable and logical layouts. The designer works through the space taking into account the wishes of all family members, thinks over the functionality of each room.


Price starting from 28 ЕUR/m2

Package includes:

  1. Meeting with the client and discussion of all his wishes

  2. Measurements of premises at the site, photo-fixation

  3. Technical Task Analysis

  4. Measurement Plan

  5. Partition disassembly plan

  6. Partition Installation Plan

  7. Redevelopment plan with dimensions

  8. Redevelopment plan with the arrangement of furniture with dimensions

Terms: 14-30 days

Package 2.

We start from developing a detailed design project — from a measurement plan to 3D visualisation — together with the client. We also prepare a complete set of working blueprints for the building team — the key to bringing your planned project to actuality.

 Price starting from 43 ЕUR/m2

1. Our work always begins with measurements and photo documentation of the space by our own specialist staff. This is accompanied by an extended meeting with the client, in order to discuss and establish a brief for the project (technical specifications). Using our look-book pictures featuring style, furnishings, fittings and appliances as a basis for discussion, we decide with the client on how each room in his or her future home will be fitted out, looking at each room separately.

2. The next step is to make a Sketch Design. Here we present the client with several space-planning options, along with sketches and visual collages illustrating the stylistic approach, color scheme, and ideas for future interiors – mood and concept boards.

3. Once the client has approved the Sketch Design, our team will prepare a photo-realistic 3D visualisation of the project according to the selected space-planning option, in which the finishing materials, furniture and lighting are all carefully selected and represented.

4. A Working Design is created in parallel with the 3D visualisation, and is completed once it is signed off by the client. It includes the complete set of technical documentation (specification blueprints) required to move the project from drawing board to reality.


Terms: 30-90 days


Price:  400-800 EUR per month

List of works:

  1. Regular visits to the site during work days (at least 2 times per week)

  2. Exercising control over the use of all purchased finishing materials, equipment, appliances, furniture and decor items, as provided for in the design project.

  3. Providing clarifications on the design project to the works foreman.

  4. Making any necessary corrections to working drawings.


The TURN-KEY service is a complex solution – from an idea to the full operational readiness of a facility.

Ordering an interior design for an apartment, home, office, hotel or any other commercial space, you will receive full support for the project during the development and implementation phases. Our main priority is high-quality work with attention to every detail.

DESIGN-PROJECT for commercial spaces  (restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, SPAs, offices, shops and so on)

Price starting from 45 ЕUR/m2 and depends on the complexity of the stylistic decision, terms and the list of necessary documents.


Price starting from 60 ЕUR/per hour.

One-time meeting for the selection of finishing materials, furniture.

Accompaniment to manufacturers for placing orders on furniture, wardrobes,


And many other questions. According to the results of the meeting you will

receive written recommendations.

* When ordering a complete design project is included.

* Prices may vary depending on the specifics and complexity of the project.

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